Detailed hosting information

Detailed hosting information

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Hosting is charged in one month blocks, and is payable directly to our bank account in three month or greater amounts.

What our hosting includes

Our hosting includes storage of website files, MySQL databases, the ability to execute PHP scripts. Email hosting is not included.

Website traffic and storage

Every website hosted with us includes the following data traffic and storage (this is on a per website basis).

Protected web storage disc space 1GB per site
Data traffic 10GB per site
MySQL databases 5 per site

Email addresses

Email addresses are included within the hosting plan, with unlimited email addresses being able to be set up under the domain we are hosting.

Email addresses can be accessed using any web browser via our online webmail, and can be configured on unlimited devices that can work with the IMAP, POP and SMTP protocols (essentially every modern device/application).

Email addresses will be provided with default passwords, which can be altered using our online email management tool.

Every website hosted with us includes the following email storage and traffic (this is on a per website basis).

Email accounts Unlimited
Email storage 5GB per site
Email traffic Unlimited
Number of emails sent/received/stored per account Unlimited (subject to email storage)

Overuse charges – data traffic, web storage, mail storage

If data traffic, web storage, or mail storage exceeds the above quotas, the following charges per month will apply. These values may change without notice.

Data traffic overuse charge Web storage overuse charge Mail storage overuse charge
$3+GST per 1GB $6+GST per 1GB $6+GST per 1GB

If data traffic, web storage or mail storage are going over their set quotas every month, we can offer additional resource packages and additional server hosting solutions.

Data centre information and uptime

We guarantee 99% server uptime. Our websites are hosted on secure New Zealand based servers, with all hardware within rooms built with concrete floors, walls, and ceilings.  Servers are constantly monitored, and have 24/7 on-call System Engineers.


The servers our websites are hosted on are accessed by swipe card only, have 24/7 on-site security, and has CCTV monitoring. The servers are maintained to ensure they stay up to date with security threats.

Websites can be hosted with secure socket layer (SSL) as an additional security extra – SSL encrypts the path between the browser and web server. This will help ensure customer information (credit card information, names, addresses, and other personal information) will remain secure. This requires an additional monthly cost,

All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent websites we host from being hacked. Website files are frequently updated with security patches, and databases are backed up and encrypted.