Paystation payment gateway

Paystation by Trademe allows customers to pay with their credit card using their secure online gateway. Paystation is developed and maintained in New Zealand. Paystation charges a monthly fee for a fixed amount of transactions. Unlike many other payment gateways, they do not charge a percentage commission of your sales.

Setting up a Paystation account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill in the details, and add in the Promo code we have provided you, to receive a monthly discount.
  3. Select an appropriate plan. See the below table for current rates and number of transactions.
  4. Submit the form. Paystation will contact you and provide information to provide to your bank.

Receiving your money

Paystation will transfer the money directly into your bank account. Most banks settle transactions daily, so you should see your money in your account within the next business day.

Cost of using the Paystation payment gateway

Paystation has an online $149 set up fee . There is a monthly fee, which depends on the chosen plan. See below for the number of transactions per plan and monthly fee. Paystation does not charge a percentage commission on your transactions.

Your bank will charge a percentage commission on every charge. This value can be discussed with your bank

Plan Included transactions Monthly fee Fee per additional transaction
Online starter 100 $39 $0.45
Online growth 300 $99 $0.39
Online enterprise 500 $149 $0.36