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Having well written content is crucial for both enticing customers, and also appealing to search engines. Here is some information on what content to provide us for your website. We offer copy-writing services, and can also source high quality images to set your website apart from the rest. For information on optimising your content for search engines, click here.

Content most websites should have

  • Contact details (phone number, address, email address, social media profile links).
  • Your logo and any other branding guidelines.
  • Keywords – what your customers are searching to find you.
  • Meta description – 160 character description of your business and your website.


Please provide images either via email or a links to a cloud based sharing service (Google drive, Dropbox). The higher the resolution of the images the better.

It is common practice to provide images to be displayed throughout the content web pages of your website (including home page, about, services). We suggest to send us a big selection of images, and we can use our discretion to place the images throughout the website where appropriate, alternately, if you know exactly what you want, send the images to us with instructions on where to place them.

Common images to be provided include: A portrait of the owner(s), team members, products on offer, completed work.

Stock images

Often it can be time consuming and expensive to find the ‘perfect image’ for your website. This is where stock images come in. These are photos taken by professionals, who sell them at an affordable rate. There is such a large range of stock images on the internet, chances are the perfect image is ready to be purchased.

The prices of stock images range from $10 per image.

We can source stock images on your behalf, simply provide us with a list of image and/or descriptions, and we can do the rest.

Common web pages


The home page is often filled with an introduction of your business, including a few hundred words on who you are and what you do.

A home page often features an image slider (details on image slider under the ‘Images’ section).

Common headlines for a homepage include:
Welcome – introduction to the website.
About us – 
introduction paragraph about you and your business.
Services – 
a paragraph explaining some of the products/services on offer.
Philosophy – your company philosophy or ideals.

About us

This is where visitors turn to learn about you, and your business. Between 300 to 1500 words is appropriate.

Common headlines for the ‘about’ page include:
About  you – 
history, qualifications, previous work.
About  your business – 
how long the business has been operating, services offered, how you can help
Why work with me? – how you  stand out from the competition.
Philosophy – your company philosophy or ideals.


This page can include a paragraph introducing the products/services on offer, as well as reasons why to use your services compared to the competition. When offering a large range of services, it can be preferable to split each service into its own web page.

Common headlines for the ‘Products/Services’ page include:
Product/Service name – for each product/service on offer, display a heading for this as well as a description of the service.
What is *your product/service* – 
explaining in more detail what the product/service is.


Having client testimonials on your website can increase credibility with visitors. If possible, ask at least two clients for a small paragraph as a testimonial.