Integrate your store with Xero

Integrate your store with Xero

Save time with an automated sync between your online shop and your Xero account. This eCommerce add-on allows your website to automatically create invoices in Xero for all sales that are processed through your online shop.

This add-on can also manage your inventory in Xero, automatically reducing your Xero inventory when an order is processed.

We will arrange a time to remotely log into your computer to set up the required settings in your Xero account. We can provide instructions on this, but it does require a high computer skill level.

Optionally, the website can send your shop’s product SKU to Xero as an Item Code field. This will allow you to reduce inventory numbers defined in Xero when each item is sold. You must have a corresponding Inventory Item Setup in Xero for this to work properly. Please note that this is not an “Inventory Sync” as this will only reduce the existing quantity of inventory items in Xero when a corresponding item is sold. It will not synchronize your Xero and your shop inventories if the inventory quantity is adjusted in either system. For more information about Xero inventory and Item Code fields, click here.

Once this integration is set up, your sales will be sent to Xero as soon as you mark the order as complete. For information on order statuses, click here.

How do I get this?

  1. Contact us!
  2. We will install the required software and configure your website.
  3. We will then arrange a time to remotely log in to your computer and set up your Xero account.
  4. Optional – if you wish to track inventory in Xero, each of your products will need a SKU which matches the Item Code field in Xero. These values will need to be entered into Xero and your website.