Transferring your domain or hosting to us

Transferring your domain or hosting to us

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For us to host your website and emails, the most common way to achieve this is for us to also host your domain. This requires us to take control of the domain (ownership of the domain still always remains with you). This occurs by us being provided a UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier) or auth code from your current web host, which can be thought of as a password to your domain.

Another method for us to host your website is to provide you with records which point to our hosting, which you enter with your current host.

Transferring your domain to us

To transfer your domain and hosting to us, simply log into your current host, or ask them for your UDAI, we can handle the rest of the transfer, easy! There are a few considerations to make, please read these before making the transfer.

If the domain has recently been purchased, and no email accounts have been set up, and website content uploaded, the below considerations do not apply.

Considerations to make before transferring a domain

  • If we are also taking over your email hosting, any email accounts that are hosted by your current host will no longer be accessible, which includes any emails stored under those accounts (unless they are stored locally on your computer). It is recommended to back up any emails you wish to keep, or forward the emails you wish to retain to a separate email address (such as a gmail account). We can manually back up your emails and add them to your new account at your request for an additional fee.
  • Think of what email accounts you wish for us to set up, including any desired passwords (these are required to be at least 8 characters long and contain two numbers). Instructions on how to change the email passwords can be viewed on our email support page.
  • Our email hosting includes 5GB of email storage per domain name. If we are taking over your email hosting and you have more email storage than this, you will be charged an additional monthly fee per extra 1GB.
  • The transfer can take up to 24 hours to be processed and can affect the ability to view the website and emails can be affected during this time.
  • Once the domain transfer has completed, we will not be able to take any information from your old website, as it will no longer be live on the internet.
  • Certain top level domains (such as .com) have a transfer in fee. This fee is equal to a one year renewal fee.

What we need to transfer a domain to us

  • Your domain UDAI/Auth code/EPP code (ask your current host for this, or send us their contact details). UDAI codes expire after 30 days, so generally a fresh one will need to be generated.
  • A list of email addresses you wish to be set up on our server (if we are taking over email hosting).
  • Access to your current website files (or access to where the files are stored).
  • Any specific DNS records to set up (if you don’t know what this means, it can be ignored)
  • Confirmation that your existing emails have been backed up and/or you are happy for us to begin the transfer.

Pointing your hosting to us

If you wish the keep the domain hosted elsewhere (which could include keeping your website or email hosting with your current host), you can point to our hosting, either website hosting, email account hosting, or both. To do this, either provide your current host with the below table, or enter the appropriate details from the table below while logged into your current host’s control panel.

Considerations to make before pointing your hosting to us

  • You may be charged by both your current host, and us for the website hosting, rather that just one monthly cost if you were hosting everything with one provider.
  • Pointing a domain can take up to 24 hours to propagate over all servers worldwide.
Web (A record):
Mail (MX records): Priority 10
Priority 20
Priority 30
Priority 40
TXT record: v=spf1 ip4: ~all

Name server addresses

Server address IP address