Editing pages with the visual composer

Editing pages with the visual composer

The visual composer makes adding and editing content in your website a breeze, while allowing you to design beautiful and complex layouts. View the below video tutorials for instructions on a variety of tasks below. The changes you make are visible immediately, so you can see what they look like before publishing.

Getting into edit mode

To edit web pages using the visual composer, either click on the Edit with Visual Composer link while in the pages section of the dashboard, or while logged in, view the page in the front end, and click the Edit with Visual Composer button.

Saving changes

Once you are happy with the changes made to your website, simply tap on the Update button up the top right of your website, and the changes will be reflected live on your website.

See how you can easily create row and divide it into columns in the below video. Columns can then be filled with a variety of elements.

Add and edit text by using a text editor – this is the same as the simple editor. Refer to this article on how to use the text editor.

Add images, edit size, add links and animations. Images can also be inserted in text blocks using methods found here.

Additional elements can be added the same way a text block is added, but simply select a different element. There is a wide range to chose from.

Use the intuitive drag and drop interface of Visual Composer in order to quickly change your layout or re-order elements.

Learn how you can easily change paddings, borders, margins and background styles by using Element Design Options.

Clone/Duplicate/Copy elements or set of elements to reuse in other parts of the page.