Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird

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Below is a video outlining how to set up and access your emails using Mozilla Thunderbird, which you can also view here. Below this video are written instructions.

  1. From the Tools menu bar button, select Account Settings. If you do not see a toolbar at the top of your screen you may need to press the alt key on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the Account Actions drop down box, and select Add Mail Account….
  3. Add your name, email address, and password, the latter two which will have been provided to you.
  4. Click Configure manually
  5. Under Incoming server, ensure the Protocol is IMAP
  6. Under Hostname, enter in
  7. Set the Port to 993
  8. Set Connection security to SSL/TLS
  9. Set Authentication method to Normal password
  10. Under Outgoing server set the hostname as
  11. Set the Port to 465
  12. Set Connection security to SSL/TLS
  13. Set Authentication method to Normal password
  14. Click on the Re-test button
  15. Click Done
  16. Once this has verified, send yourself a test email to be sure that the emails reach your inbox.

For instructions on adding an email signature to Mozilla Thunderbird, click here.

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